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Here you can find information about renting an electric bike when you visit Snorren in de Kop at the train station in Steenwijk. You will also find information about visiting Giethoorn and buying bus tickets.

Renting a bike


Electric bike rental
From the train station in Steenwijk “Snorren in de Kop” rents electrical (mopeds) bikes in the area known as De Kop van Overijssel.
You can contact us for bikes with an electric pedal-assist-system or electrical mopeds (pedalling not needed). A lot of foreign guests, arriving in Steenwijk by train, want to visit Giethoorn. For this purpose we also offer special roadmaps that lead our guests through the most beautiful parts of Giethoorn.
We also offer various options for families with children.
We have small electric bikes, trailer bikes as well as well as baby seats for that are mounted on the back of the e-bikes.
But not only Giethoorn is a wonderful destination to visit from the station in Steenwijk. The region surrounding Steenwijk offers stunning wetlands and wooded areas. Blokzijl is a typical former Zuiderzee port town. And National Park de Weerribben is one of the most scenic areas of the Netherlands. Furthermore you’ll find there are vast forest and moorland areas: Woldberg and Eese, the Cromlechs in Havelte and Vledder.
Do you want to know more about the special fares of our e-bikes?
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从斯滕韦克火车站“Snorren in de Kop”出发,租用电动(轻便摩托车)自行车游历被称为上艾瑟尔省De Kop Van的区域。
然而,从斯滕韦克火车站出发,不仅仅只有羊角村是一个极妙的游览目的地。斯滕韦克周边地区也有迷人的湿地和茂密的林区。 布洛克宰尔是一个典型的早期须德海港口城市。还有德威瑞本国家公园,它是荷兰最风景如画的地区之一。此外,您可以欣赏到广阔的森林和沼泽地区:沃尔德贝尔格和伊塞,跨越哈弗尔特和弗莱德尔两地的石柱群。