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Search our Diploma Mill Police database it's free to see if your chosen online university has proper distance learning accreditation or has consumer fraud or scam warnings lodged against it. View Distance Learning Accreditation Report: Select an online college from this list...

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The positive list is simply one source of information; you may need to consult other sources if an institution does not appear on the positive list. To find out more about diploma mills, accreditation and accrediting agencies, click on the links below: Diploma Mills. Defining Diploma Mills; Fake Accrediting Agencies; Foreign Institutions and ...

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List of unaccredited institutions of higher education. Jump to navigation Jump to search This is a list of colleges, ... Italy is a room in a building used as a cellar, also the home of ten other diploma mills: Saint Bernard University, Eurasia Community College, Instituto Latinoamericano de Psicobiofisica – ; ...

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Jun 18, 2014· The Worst Dropout Factories and Diploma Mills: Is Your School on the List? Among students who matriculated as freshmen, Paul Quinn College in Texas had a 2012 graduation rate of %, according to the Education Trust report.

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A "diploma mill" is a company that offers "degrees" for a flat fee in a short amount of time and requires little to no course work. Degrees awarded through diploma mills are not legitimate, and can cost you more than just your money.

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Because diploma mills aren't accredited by a nationally recognized agency, you will not find the institution's accrediting agency on the Department of Education's List of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies.

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Diploma mills are a real concern for online college students. There are easy ways to spot and avoid phony schools. Learn more about avoiding diploma mills. What is a diploma mill? A diploma mill is a fraudulent business that disguises itself as a legitimate college, university, or career school. A diploma mill (or "degree mill") will pose as a ...

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Double check with Michigan's diploma mill list. Michigan also keeps an updated list of unaccredited colleges. Take a look at their PDF document to review hundreds of unacceptable online colleges.

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Degree Mills: An Old Problem and a New Threat. Accreditation Information About Accreditation What is Accreditation? Benefits of Accreditation. Degree Mills. Accreditation Mills ... Overview of diploma mills and a list of unaccredited colleges and some diploma mills. Retrieved May 17, ...

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Diploma Mills/Accreditation Information With the importance of education in today's competitive market, attending a college, university or career school that has met basic quality standards is essential.

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List of Unaccredited Schools Is Your School Accredited? ... but linked to diploma mills in Sarasota, Florida) (aka American Universities Admission Program) Edenvale University, Texas, Great Britain, New York, Has no legal authority to issue degrees valid in Oregon. Edison University, Unknown, Note: not the same as the accredited Thomas Edison ...

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Online College versus Diploma Mills: Know the Difference By David A. Tomar Online college is a convenient, affordable, and accessible way to advance your education . . . if you do it right.

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Aug 22, 2016· Webinar Description: As the NY Times exposé on Pakistani diploma mills highlights, the production of falsified credentials is a thriving business. In this webinar, seasoned experts Hanna Park and Michael Porter will review sample fraudulent documents and provide actionable recommendations to help you reduce the risk of receiving fraudulent documents so you can make the most reliable ...

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What is a high school "diploma mill"? A high school "diploma mill" is a business or other organization that may be presented as a school, and offers a diploma or other document of high school completion with little or no required academic study, which may end up being essentially a worthless diploma,

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A diploma mill is a pejorative term for an institution of higher education that is not accredited by any pertinent governing bodies, but still charges a fee for diplomas without requiring applications, coursework, or other benchmarks of a worthwhile institution.

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Sep 05, 2002· List of Diploma Mills from The Australian. Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by John Bear, Sep 4, 2002. ... I certainly hope that being on the diploma mill list doesn't help their business any! Bill Huffman, Sep 4, 2002 4. George Brown New Member.

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Department of Labor: Diploma Mills in the Cyberage This is a link to an article concerning how diploma mills have expanded via the Internet, written especially from the perspective of employers. National Student Clearing House The National Student Clearing House offers employers a degree verification service.

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How "Diploma Mills" Are Duping Chinese Students. The right degree opens doors ... America has more than one thousand of these diploma mills accounting for more than half of the world's total. And according to some estimates, 95% of these fake diplomas are sold to the Chinese. They find their way to three types of clients: those deceived by ...

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A diploma mill (also known as a degree mill) is an organization that awards academic degrees and diplomas with substandard or no academic study and without recognition by official educational accrediting bodies.

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Feb 01, 2015· 3 Key Ways to Spot Diploma Mills. Sean Bigley / Feb 1, 2015. Cleared Recruiting. ADVICE FROM THE GENERAL COUNSEL. Security Clearance Attorney Sean M. Bigley represents clients worldwide in security clearance denials and revocations. He is a former investigator for the Office of Personnel Management.

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Oct 18, 2012· The diploma mill typically awards its degrees to people who complete a token of easy coursework (one diploma mill reportedly hands out "doctorates" in exchange for the reading of one book and the payment of 600).

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Sep 17, 2012· Download a pdf of this Memorandum David North is a CIS fellow who has studied the interaction of immigration and labor markets for more than 30 years. ... Visa Mills, Diploma Mills, and Other ForProfit Colleges ... Visa Mills, Diploma Mills, and Other ForProfit Colleges. By David North on September 17, 2012

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Diploma Mills Some people use words like "Diploma Mill" to describe a school that is unregulated or not properly established for its intended portal purpose. A Diploma Mill is an unregulated institution of higher education granting degrees with few or no academic requirements.

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A diploma mill is an institution of higher education operating without supervision of a state or professional agency, granting diplomas which are either fraudulent or because of the lack of proper ...

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2 Diploma and Accreditation Mills: New Trends in Credential Abuse About Verfile Limited and Accredibase About Verifile Limited Verifile is Europe's leading background screening comprehensive range of services allows employers to verify employment, qualifications, identity, criminal records and credit

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Diploma mills originated with magazine ads offering degrees in a variety of subjects for a specific amount of money. Pay the money, receive the degree irrespective of work or merit. Today a variety of these degrees are available online in about twentyfour hours or so.

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